One man’s junk is another man’s treasure


Have you ever heard this expression? “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

I for one, and a firm believer in this quote.

       My dear son called me the other day to let me know he had a lot of old stuff to give me. He is great about passing whatever he scores over to his mom, being that his wife does not want any of it. I am not going to try and convert her for a while at least. (tee hee) A lot of young people want the new stuff. All the glam and glory that goes with New store bought stuff. Well this ole gal must be from a different era. The older the better. Back to my son. He finds these old bottles, some he dug up out of the yard of their new/older home.  There were so many different styles of bottles. Colored bottles, Cola bottles, Medicine Bottles. You name it. I had  just found two great ways of getting the gunk out of dirt filled bottles, that have been unearthed.  So I tried both methods. One is egg shells. A broken up egg shell inside the bottle with a little water and a lot of vigor in shaking… This works really well. The other is dried rice. Same instructions, water and rice and vigorous shaking.  The bottles came out looking pretty good I must admit.

     Now… what do I do with all of these bottles? I am open to any suggestions you may have… Bring em on…


About meandyoumake2

I am just a southern girl from Mississippi. I live in Florida with my hubby of thirty years and our dog, Bully. We have three wonderful adult children and soon to be nine grandchildren. We consider ourselves very blessed.. I have a lot of passions in life. From creating a one of a kind gift for a loved one, or dear friend, or refurbishing something old to decorate my home or someone elses with. I was not born rich, so I am frugal at heart. I shop at thrift stores, sales racks and use coupons. My hopes in life are to instill my knowlege of making things purdy, onto my grandgirls. One of them is already following in my footsteps, with her love for shopping and crafting. The other, being a tomboy, still requires a few years to appreciate the fun things that await her. She is only three years old and right now enjoys fishing with Paw Paw more.. My hopes in creating a blog is to connect with others that are like minded in creating and loving what they do. I consider my eye for design or creativity a blessing from God. I am so looking forward to picking other folks brains in borrowing some ideas and sharing mine. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and you are always welcome to return.

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  1. I normally just lay things like that in the sink with hot soapy water and add acv, that does the trick but sometimes i have to let it sit over night. With all those old bottles you have you can make some fun yard art with them.

  2. Well I was just taken by the wonderful picture.It looked like a place we saw last summer on vacation.My interest is quilting, playing with making costume jewelry and using glass to make light catchers.Old bottles make pretty bottle trees.

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