Volunteering at the “Alaqua Animal Refuge Thrift Store”…


     By now you have probably figured out that I am an animal lover. I love my furry friends. The only thing cuter is… baby furry friends. I have started volunteering one day a week for the cause of animals. At our local Alaqua Thrift Store, you will find lots and lots of treasures. I have found a way to give back to my community as well as score some great finds while working. If you have not taken a trip out to Alaqua to check out those sweet creatures, you should treat yourself one day soon. This place is family friendly too.

     The thrift store that is located on Hwy. 331 is on your right side as you head toward freeport. This business used to be known as Lynn and Minn’s and has all kinds of yard art. Bird baths, wind chimes, concrete items and plants… There are two big buildings full, (I mean full, of goodies). Donations are welcome.  Ms. Lynn and Ms. Mindy,(the ladies that manage the store), are always  thankful for any donations they recieve. Whatever they sell means the support for the animals. The donations vary. Everything from leftover yard, estate, and  garage sales, to unwanted furnishing from folks who are moving.  There are treasures in every donation. Just gotta look for them.

     If you or someone you know, are looking for a good cause to donate to, Alaqua is a great source to give to. Whether it be donations or time. Both are appreciated. Check them out, if you get a minute.

 Tell them Tina sent you. Don’t think it will get you a discount but prices are already low…



About meandyoumake2

I am just a southern girl from Mississippi. I live in Florida with my hubby of thirty years and our dog, Bully. We have three wonderful adult children and soon to be nine grandchildren. We consider ourselves very blessed.. I have a lot of passions in life. From creating a one of a kind gift for a loved one, or dear friend, or refurbishing something old to decorate my home or someone elses with. I was not born rich, so I am frugal at heart. I shop at thrift stores, sales racks and use coupons. My hopes in life are to instill my knowlege of making things purdy, onto my grandgirls. One of them is already following in my footsteps, with her love for shopping and crafting. The other, being a tomboy, still requires a few years to appreciate the fun things that await her. She is only three years old and right now enjoys fishing with Paw Paw more.. My hopes in creating a blog is to connect with others that are like minded in creating and loving what they do. I consider my eye for design or creativity a blessing from God. I am so looking forward to picking other folks brains in borrowing some ideas and sharing mine. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and you are always welcome to return.

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