Purdy Pumpkins

Purdy Pumpkins

                  We have had our fair share of appliance problems this week. While my hubby was replacing our old dryer, I watched him cut off a big piece of silver tubing for the vent that was not going to be used… I had seen a great tutorial on making pumpkins with this material.. Sooooo, I pulled out my spray paint.. I had orange but wanted to go a little bit fancier with these… Just to see if it could be done. That way, these babies will last through Thanksgiving. I used gold spray paint for the pumpkins and green for the stems… I have taken some pictures so you can see how it was done. I did not think about making this a tutorial for you until I was way into it, then I grabbed my camera and took some pictures.

                The supplies needed for this project is tubing, spray paint of your choice, sticks or driftwood for stems, scissors and wire cutters… The first step is to cut your tubing to the size you want your pumpkin to be. (Note to self: Not too small and not too large. This was learned through trial and error, please just trust me on this…) Step two: Fold one end of the tubing into the other end. No glueing is required but you will need a pair of scissors and a pair of wire cutters for this. Step Three: Spray Paint one side, allow to dry, flip it over, spray paint the other side. Make sure you cover the whole thing with paint. Step Four. This is totally up to you if you want to emboss or glitter. I just wanted to add some bling to mine. I used embossing powder and then my heating tool to set it. This way, the embossing powder melts and wont come off. Step Five: Find a stem for your pumpkins. In my case, I used driftwood. It is plentiful where I live and there is alot of sizes to choose from. I spray painted my driftwood green. Last Step: Put the stem down into the middle of your pumpkin. Wallah! You are done! I made two pumpkins out of what supplies I had to work with, and it took me less than thirty minutes to create these purdy pumpkins. I will use them for my fall decorations and then for a center piece for Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy making some of these. Please send me pictures and let me see your creations…HAVE FUN!!!!


About meandyoumake2

I am just a southern girl from Mississippi. I live in Florida with my hubby of thirty years and our dog, Bully. We have three wonderful adult children and soon to be nine grandchildren. We consider ourselves very blessed.. I have a lot of passions in life. From creating a one of a kind gift for a loved one, or dear friend, or refurbishing something old to decorate my home or someone elses with. I was not born rich, so I am frugal at heart. I shop at thrift stores, sales racks and use coupons. My hopes in life are to instill my knowlege of making things purdy, onto my grandgirls. One of them is already following in my footsteps, with her love for shopping and crafting. The other, being a tomboy, still requires a few years to appreciate the fun things that await her. She is only three years old and right now enjoys fishing with Paw Paw more.. My hopes in creating a blog is to connect with others that are like minded in creating and loving what they do. I consider my eye for design or creativity a blessing from God. I am so looking forward to picking other folks brains in borrowing some ideas and sharing mine. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and you are always welcome to return.

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  1. you know i was gonna try that myself since i was having dryer problems last week lol – haven’t gotten to it yet but it looks like a real great idea and you can use your own imagination of what to add to it. Looks good.

    • It was a fun project. I liked the fact that it did not take long at all to make. And really the sky is the limit on the design but the embossing glitter gives it that extra umph and it still looks amazing, even after my grandkids put their little
      fingers all over it… LOL…

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