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Volunteering at the “Alaqua Animal Refuge Thrift Store”…


     By now you have probably figured out that I am an animal lover. I love my furry friends. The only thing cuter is… baby furry friends. I have started volunteering one day a week for the cause of animals. At our local Alaqua Thrift Store, you will find lots and lots of treasures. I have found a way to give back to my community as well as score some great finds while working. If you have not taken a trip out to Alaqua to check out those sweet creatures, you should treat yourself one day soon. This place is family friendly too.

     The thrift store that is located on Hwy. 331 is on your right side as you head toward freeport. This business used to be known as Lynn and Minn’s and has all kinds of yard art. Bird baths, wind chimes, concrete items and plants… There are two big buildings full, (I mean full, of goodies). Donations are welcome.  Ms. Lynn and Ms. Mindy,(the ladies that manage the store), are always  thankful for any donations they recieve. Whatever they sell means the support for the animals. The donations vary. Everything from leftover yard, estate, and  garage sales, to unwanted furnishing from folks who are moving.  There are treasures in every donation. Just gotta look for them.

     If you or someone you know, are looking for a good cause to donate to, Alaqua is a great source to give to. Whether it be donations or time. Both are appreciated. Check them out, if you get a minute.

 Tell them Tina sent you. Don’t think it will get you a discount but prices are already low…



One man’s junk is another man’s treasure


Have you ever heard this expression? “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

I for one, and a firm believer in this quote.

       My dear son called me the other day to let me know he had a lot of old stuff to give me. He is great about passing whatever he scores over to his mom, being that his wife does not want any of it. I am not going to try and convert her for a while at least. (tee hee) A lot of young people want the new stuff. All the glam and glory that goes with New store bought stuff. Well this ole gal must be from a different era. The older the better. Back to my son. He finds these old bottles, some he dug up out of the yard of their new/older home.  There were so many different styles of bottles. Colored bottles, Cola bottles, Medicine Bottles. You name it. I had  just found two great ways of getting the gunk out of dirt filled bottles, that have been unearthed.  So I tried both methods. One is egg shells. A broken up egg shell inside the bottle with a little water and a lot of vigor in shaking… This works really well. The other is dried rice. Same instructions, water and rice and vigorous shaking.  The bottles came out looking pretty good I must admit.

     Now… what do I do with all of these bottles? I am open to any suggestions you may have… Bring em on…

First time for everything…


      Hi, Hello and Welcome to my very first blog. I am hoping to share what I have learned about blogging with others and learn more and more from experienced bloggers.

One day I was surfing the internet… Not sure if it is even called that anymore, but I was looking around for something. I am not even sure what it was I was looking for that day. But I came across a blog. I had heard of blogs but was not familiar with the term and was not about to tell anyone that I did not know what one was. My very first blog to check out was called, The Lettered Cottage… Oh my goodness… I had stumbled across something here. I was soooooo inspired.  I felt as if I met Layla and Kevin Palmer on there. They are from Alabama and the owners of that blog.  I just loved the sweet way that Layla came across in her wording and descriptions. Very down to earth. I  started reading their blog everyday. I would sometimes check several times a day to see if anything had changed. One day I decided to check out their blogroll… Oh my goodness….

I was in hog heaven. The blogroll was supposedly all of the blogs that Layla and Kevin checked out too. I found so many blogs that I enjoyed.. One after the other. I was joining all the  blog sites, left and right. Well that is where it all started. I got sooooo inspired, starting on the first day that I found my first blog. Since then, I have found myself crafting and creating almost on a daily basis unless my grandkids are over at our house. But we almost always get some paint or stickers out and play around with their creativity as well. If you get a chance, mosey on over to The lettered Cottage. You will not regret it…

Since I started blogging I found a site called Pinterest.  If you do not know about Pinterest. Please do yourself a favor and check it out. I fell in love all over again. I am now able to keep those ideas  that I want to use along with my craftiness, in some kind of organized manner. It is the best thing  I have come across in a long time. I am so amazed at how many artistic people there are  in this world. At Pinterest there are also some great tips for cleaning and organizing  as well as some yummy recipes and fashion ideas… I have introduced quiet a few people to Pinterest. So I know I am not far fetched in thinking that I am not alone in not knowing about blogging or all that the internet has to offer when it comes to crafting, etc.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog and will come back again… Thanks so much…